Miguel Gil Moreno de Mora

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Miguel's Death

Miguel Gil Moreno de Mora and Reuters Correspondent Kurt Schork were shot to death in an ambush in Sierra Leone, May 24th, 2000.

Miguel, 32, was "a big man big of heart," in the words of AP photographer Santiago Lyon.

Tossing aside his career as a corporate lawyer in Spain, Miguel became a freelance war correspondent in Sarajevo and later, an award winning cameraman for AP Television News.

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Account of Miguel's Funeral:

Emma Daly writes: Sunday morning in Catalunya and we are all waking up with hangovers after Miguel's funeral, which actually, given the appalling circumstances, was pretty great. There must have been 500 people there, and first they put the coffin in the townhall of Vimbodi, where Miguel grew up until he was 15.... MORE

From Miguel's Mother

Maria de Patrocinio Macian Blaya of Avenida Sarria, 146-148, tercero segunda, 08017 Barcelona.

"Miguel was a truly extraordinary person, as a son, a brother, as everything. Miguel fought all his life for his ideals and has died for them. He lived the stories he covered, because he felt his mission was to give voice to those who did not have one."

"I am filled with overwhelming sadness and grief, but in the end I find solace in the fact that Miguel was doing the job he loved and died doing the work he felt ordained for."

She said condolences may be sent to the family home. She asked that donations in lieu of flowers be given to the "Fundacion Talita" at Pablo Alcover 52 tercera, 08017 Barcelona. Miguel Gil was a "padrino" (godfather) for a Downs Syndrome child at the Talita foundation. His name is Pablo de Vilarrubias.

Please contact Miguel's family more for information about contributions to the Talita foundation

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