Kurt Schork
Kurt Schork

Kurt was the kind of journalist and the kind of man that one is fortunate to meet just once in an entire lifetime. For those of us who spent days, weeks or years in his company such time is a gift to be cherished for the rest of our lives.

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    Stories By Kurt

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  • Photos of Kurt

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  • Tributes to Kurt

    Bosnia names street after Kurt in Sarajevo. The street runs behind the T.V. building and out to the airport. We will post a photo of the street sign as soon as we get one.

    Bosnia awards Kurt and Miguel passports posthumously.

    OSCE remembers Kurt.

    Kurt's Death

    Reporter Kurt Schork and cameraman Miguel Gil Moreno de Mora were shot to death in an ambush in Sierra Leone, May 24th, 2000.

    Kurt, who worked for the Reuters News Agency, was both an unnerving rival and a moral beacon to correspondents wherever he travelled.

    Legendary for his blunt reports from the most dangerous and difficult stories, Kurt was simply the best at what he did.

    Half of Kurt's ashes were buried next to his mother, Margaret, on May 31, 2000 near Washington, D.C.. Kurt's remaining ashes were buried in Sarajevo on August 2, 2000. The grave lies next to those of two lovers, whose deaths Kurt wrote poignantly about in 1993.

    Thoughts About Kurt

    Please take the time to read the impassioned words his friends and colleagues have posted about him, or add your own story or thought about Kurt for others to remember him by.

    Preserving Kurt's Legacy

    The Kurt Schork Memorial Fund (KSMF) has been established to honor the work of freelances, local journalists and fixers. To learn more, go to www.ksmfund.org.

    A Little Music

    During the darkest days of the siege of Sarajevo, Kurt would often play Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms on a small portable CD player. To the friends who were there with Kurt in 1992 and 1993, it is a kind of anthem. Download the song (4.5MB) and listen for yourself or read the lyrics.

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